… my Father ran away from the house without anyone knowing his whereabouts… things became tight… My mum had to take on so many odd jobs… my mum’s friend told us that she had someone who wanted me to stay with her and was offering to enroll me into a good quality school… I agreed to go with the friend because of the good quality education she was offering and also to reduce the amount work my mum had to do to cater for all of us… I was physically and verbally abused all the time I was at that house. I had marks all over my body from being beaten, mostly for wrongs I didn’t commit…

Making the difference one child at a time!! Part 2


You people have done a miracle in this place. I have lived in Ajelogo most of my life and for nearly thirty years now there has been no source of clean water to drink in this community. We had to walk a long distance to buy water to drink. I am very grateful and I know the community will be very glad with what you people have done. I didn’t have the privilege to talk during the ceremony but I want to thank Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for what he is doing. God will continue to bless him and his family

Making the difference one child at a time!! Part 1

The Children of Ajelogo Community Nursery & Primary School

The headmistress, Mrs Stella Brooms, was sitting on the terrace, as I approached she smiled at me and said “You are from the InnerCity Mission of Christ Embassy”, I was not really surprised even though we were meeting for the first time, “Yes” I said.